Rachel Pletts

DC area singer/songwriter Rachel Pletts. Soulful, folk-rock mashup performing in the Annapolis, Baltimore, and DC metro area. Currently raising funds via Kickstarter.com to record upcoming album Mercy was a Hard Hard Year.

"I know it's a gift, to write, to be able to express my heart through song.  A gift is never just for the one to whom it's given.  We all learned how to share in kindergarden and it's no different."

DC area singer/songwriter Pletts, originally from Jamestown New York is all about the lyrics.  This soulful folk rock mash up delivers the gamut from Dylan like story songs to Adeles’ heart-rending power ballads.  Names of the like,  Adele, Norah Jones, Janis Joplin, and Sia are often thrown out in comparing her emotive smoky sound and style.  The words and delivery are paramount, so accompanying music is purposefully kept simple and sweet allowing the focus of the audience to be swept up into the story. From intimate living room shows to grand theaters, Pletts has a God-given ability to draw the audience near and share wonderfully sweet moments.   

 Pletts can currently be found playing in and around Annapolis, Baltimore, DC Metro area, and New York City.  Her travels have carried her around the US with several solo tours and throughout Spain and Ghana, sharing her music and life changing stories. She released her first EP, Up in Smoke, June 2011.

"Certain songs bring forgotten memories crashing, flash flooding forth, to the forefront of our minds, without permission, at moment's notice.  We're swept right back to the very street corner on which we were standing. We remember the clothes we were wearing, even the scent in the air."